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Bountiful Arts Studio

In 2008, Bountiful Arts Ltd.,  formerly a Toledo OH area art studio, opened a classroom studio in the old Waterville Elementary School along the Maumee River. Two years later, when the Village decided to close the school's doors in preparation for building a new bridge, the only viable option for a new studio was the enclosed, insulated, wired bay of the 1849 barn Teri and her husband recently had moved to their property. This barn, had it remained at its original location, would have been destroyed because of the new U.S. Rt. 24 Bypass construction. Fortunately, it is now a prominent feature on our now-former home & farm property.  In Fall of 2017,  Teri and her husband semi-retired (from farming) to renew themselves and maintain their other 2 small businesses. Life took them to the quiet little town of Fennville MI, very close to the Lake Michigan coast (Saugatuck/Douglas area) where many new opportunities are presenting themselves.

Teri Utz Bersée, Artist/Instructor
For the most part, Teri is a self-taught artist, with experience in drawing, painting, calligraphy, gourd and scarf design and painting, decorative and faux arts, mural painting, graphic design, sign painting, jewelry making, and macramé.

She has been commissioned for several paintings and has won several local awards for her pen and ink illustrations and pastel and oil paintings of landscapes, still life and portraiture.

For over 10 years, she conducted Bountiful Arts studio classes, group painting parties and corporate team building events, as well as supporting her husband in their former farming business.  Teri now splits her time between Ohio (kids and grandkids!) and Michigan where she and her husband work on a cottage renovation - - - and she has more time for painting and creating, in general!
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