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Private Lessons  $30/ 1-1/2hr.  

We are available for private lessons for children or adults. 
Please contact us for further details.    


LIFE DRAWING CLASSES - a great way to spend an evening!

This is an excellent way to hone your drawing skills - nothing like it! invite a small group of artist friends and we'll get a live model for 2 hours of intense study. Your choice of media; bring your own.  

You can also offer to be a model, draped or undraped. Please contact us to discuss time and payment.  

Until appropriate studio space is located, you must provide a space to accommodate everyone, your fee is waived.

Fee is $10 for the evening, and please have a couple $1 bills ready as a tip for the model.  Most of the fee goes to the model as well.

 •  Request to be added to the mailing list for a reminder e-mail before the class!

Note:  We reserve the right to change class times, or cancel any class with less than 4 registered students.


We can custom design a program for your team's needs.  Whether on site or off site, we will arrange for necessary supplies and help you model the program for the most beneficial, rewarding and fun event for your employees.

Call 419-349-2626 for more information.
Shown below are typical source photos used for paint parties - - chosen for their composition, all can be simplified and adapted to any painting style, a.k.a.:   your painting style!

All photos © Bountiful Arts Studio Ltd.
Colors 'n' Coolers is our way of offering a paint party. You will finish with a totally original painting, not a copy of someone else's work, suitable for keeping on your wall for years to come! Because of the change in our studio space, we can offer painting party classes at the appropriate venue of your choice.